Is the Truth Really Out There?

No I am not talking about Aliens, Spaceships or Conspiracies!  Though that term has become synonymous with the X Files; but what does it really mean?  I am looking at this from the perspective of how we live our daily lives.  What is the truth?  Especially today, will all that talk in the media about "Fake News" and what is posted in social media for us to read.  

There was a time, the Walter Cronkite era, when you gathered around the television , because it was the only one you had and watched the news.  Of course as a teenager, we really did not get the option, since the channel was controlled by my parents.  Oh yes, I said the channel because we got five channels in total and maybe six when the weather was just right and we could point that antenna and the universe would line up for an hour or two.  Back then, the news reporting was considered to be gospel and factual.  In contrast, today it is more of what I would call propaganda.  There is a definite narrative, that we all can see, between what is reported on CNN versus FOX and each provide their news from their point of view.  I would argue if you wanted to get a better perspective of what actually is the "real news" watch both networks.  You see, I was always told the truth is somewhere in the middle, never absolute. 

So what is the truth?  The Webster Dictionary defines it is a fact or belief that is accepted as true or in accordance with fact and reality.  Another way to say this is what you perceive as truth is your reality.  Awareness, consciousness, impression, belief, judgement or estimation are all words that mean the same as perception.  Since perception is not absolute, because its left to interpretation, truth is a moving scale.  If you think it to be true, then it is true to you!  Society of course plays a role in determining truth as well.  In the 60's for example, smoking was as common as breathing; while today, its almost seen to be anti-social.  Therefore societies perception of smoking has changed and truth has changed.  Many will cite the scientific research that proves smoking is bad, but in reality society has accepted that research as truth and I am not suggesting it isn't.  This is the same arguments we hear about global warming, pollution and most recently the ME-TOO movement.

Have you ever heard two lawyers argue in court or watch a debate with two politicians?  Each will express their opinions or perception of what they see as truth and present it accordingly; while the other will do the same, but from their perception.  You as the listener or viewer must decide on your truth to decide who to perceive as truthful.  Look at social media and how many times if you like or share a comment, they are deemed to be your comments.  You may have innocently liked something without even reading it, yet you could face public persecution.  

The only solution to stay sane, is to keep an open mind.  If your perceptions become your reality; then don't close your mind because you will close your ability to see a different point of view.  In this world of instant news and instant gratification, you have to try to view posts as a perception from a specific individual with a specific intent or motivation at a given time.  Keep information flowing and take as much as you want or can; but focus on the intent of posts, rather than words.  Negative energy, draws negative energy and as my mom always said: "If you can't say something nice, don;t say it all."  

I hope you enjoyed reading and I thank you for doing that.  Please subscribe to my blog or share this within your social media connections.  Thank you!


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