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Is the Truth Really Out There?

No I am not talking about Aliens, Spaceships or Conspiracies!  Though that term has become synonymous with the X Files; but what does it really mean?  I am looking at this from the perspective of how we live our daily lives.  What is the truth?  Especially today, will all that talk in the media about "Fake News" and what is posted in social media for us to read.  
There was a time, the Walter Cronkite era, when you gathered around the television , because it was the only one you had and watched the news.  Of course as a teenager, we really did not get the option, since the channel was controlled by my parents.  Oh yes, I said the channel because we got five channels in total and maybe six when the weather was just right and we could point that antenna and the universe would line up for an hour or two.  Back then, the news reporting was considered to be gospel and factual.  In contrast, today it is more of what I would call propaganda.  There is a definite narrative, that we…


Did you lose your job and wondering how to keep your house?
Have you Bought a new home; but have not sold your current one?
Have you been relocated, but can't sell your home and need to carry two mortgages?
Has your home been listed for more than 90-days and no offer is coming soon?
Maybe you want to upgrade, but avoid making that decision because of your existing mortgage?

These are a few of the problems that homeowners face in their lives.  Even a divorce or sickness can cause the same problems for many.  The conventional thinking is to list the home with a realtor, sell it and move on to another home, another city, another lifestyle or another life.  In a Caldwell Banker report in March 2017, it reported that many homeowners get stressed when trying to sell their home.  Mostly the financial burden it causes, but also the feeling of intrusion when people tramp through your home.

Regardless of the your situation, there is another alternative that is becoming more and more popula…

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