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This is a company that the principals have been around for over twenty years.  Real Estate Investors on their own, their concept was to create a company and join forces, with a common goal to help others achieve their own success in this industry.  It was officially registered in January of 2018 and they have been working diligently at putting the final pieces together for their launch.  We want to look at what they offer as their core business model and then look at how they are positioned to help or mentor others.  

The main core of their business is to fix and flip properties in the Kansas City area.  They have established a full in-house operation from acquisition, to rehabbing to selling.  Included within this part of the business, they not only focus on finding new deals; but also finding real estate investors who want to partner together to privately fund the projects.  This has proven successful because it keeps the investor secured in first position; but it also can allow a pool of investors to get together and maintain the same protection.  They have found that when they partner, even though the profits are shared equally fifty, fifty; the investor feels included in the process and it provides them peace of mind.

Another core is to help others get into real estate investing.  These are investors with limited dollars; but want to experience the industry.  Their funding process has created an interesting program called the "Starter Program".  It actually lets investors participate with as little as $5,000 dollars and their capital and interest is returned within a thirty-day cycle.  These funds are tied to the purchase and sale contract and are used in the acquisition process of a deal. Once the contract is fully funded, the investor is paid.  Since there is only a small investment component required, it allows the investor to participate in the acquisition of a property; but also provides them with experience on how a deal is put together.  This new found knowledge, prepares them when they want to make larger investments.

As with anything, there is always the chicken and the egg principle; and in the real estate investing industry, its when you have the funding but lack a deal or you have a deal and lack the funding.  This is just the business; but they have built-in an acquisition team and a funding team, who work simultaneously to find and fund projects.  There are times when the inventory of deals requires them to sell-off the excess.  That does not seem to be a problem either, because of their networking, other real estate investors who approach them to buy their deals.

Over time these processes, styles and techniques has motivated them to share this knowledge and experience with others.  They introduced a fee-based mentoring program that reviews and coaches each aspect of the industry.  A benefit of this core of their business, is its creating a huge network of other like-minded people and investors who want to participate.  Whether it be buying, selling, rehabbing or funding deals, it allows for the sharing of ideas and concepts and even helps to solve problems that can arise.

The final part of their core is to build a real estate portfolio that provides passive income.  Passive income is income you did not need to earn, it can supplement your current income or to provide full income, say for retirement, as an example.  If you are interested in any aspect of their business, send your query's to:

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