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Innovative concept by Kansas City company!

This is a company that the principals have been around for over twenty years.  Real Estate Investors on their own, their concept was to create a company and join forces, with a common goal to help others achieve their own success in this industry.  It was officially registered in January of 2018 and they have been working diligently at putting the final pieces together for their launch.  We want to look at what they offer as their core business model and then look at how they are positioned to help or mentor others.  
The main core of their business is to fix and flip properties in the Kansas City area.  They have established a full in-house operation from acquisition, to rehabbing to selling.  Included within this part of the business, they not only focus on finding new deals; but also finding real estate investors who want to partner together to privately fund the projects.  This has proven successful because it keeps the investor secured in first position; but it also can allow a …

How to Plan!

What is having a plan?
Everything created starts with a plan.  From the Christianity belief of creation, to the place where you live, to the vacation you are about to take.  A plan is a starting point to the ending point!  It can be spiritual, financial, social, communal or emotional.  It illustrates a pathway to a destination, goal or objective. A plan will provide you with the steps required to move forward.  It will allow you to see any shortcomings, obstacles or uncertainties that may prevent you reaching the ending point with success.
So why have a plan?
Spiritually speaking, once you know who you are and who you want to become, or be the person you know you are inside; well what do you do next?  Whether it is conscious or sub-conscious, you need to be aware of what is needed to become that person you are inside.  What do you do first?  Perhaps its writing down affirmation statements, reading books or seeking advice or guidance or therapy.  You need to decide on the first step; …

Imagine more Financial Freedom?

In a gallop poll, 80% of people claimed they hated their jobs.  If that is the case, then it would be logical to think that many individuals are looking for ways to change or improve their lives.   We all want a better life for our family and ourselves; yet many simply go through the motions.
Real estate investing is a long-fast strategy and becoming even more popular as a way to build a better life!  As popularized on many home improvement shows, it provides some hope to those who want more.  In fact, success in real estate investing can create supplemental income, even to the point it meets or surpasses your current income.  It can provide you with income to sustain and surpass any of your financial needs and goals.
There are many ways to implement this type of strategy.  You can invest your money and in some cases your retirement funds, into real estate investments.  You can become a lender and earn interest on that money, usually higher than what is currently available in the mar…

How do I become a real estate investor?

Ever dream about starting your own real estate investing business?
According to Kabbage,  a financial services and data platform, 85 percent of small business owners believe that being your own boss and owning a business is achieving the American Dream.Starting your own business as a real estate investor, can be a great way for you to achieving your dreams.  
But how to start?  One way that does not require much capital, is called wholesaling.  Wholesaling is the term used to describe your part in a real estate transaction.  Basically, you are the one that finds a property deal, negotiates the contract for that property and then offers to sell that property or assigns it to a third person or party, who intends to fix-n-flip it.  
There are two aspects of wholesaling and they include 1 - finding property deals and 2- having or building what is called a buyer's list, in effect they are the ones who buy the deals you find.  You then charge a fee, called the wholesale fee, for your time …

What is a Fix-n-Flip?

Attom Data Solutions in a recent article stated that U.S. home flipping was at an 11-year high with as much as 200,000 homes flipped in 2017.  So what is house flipping or a fix-n-flip?  It's a real estate transaction that you purchase a property below market value, remodel or rehab it and then sell it for profit.  Using the risk/reward ratio, the risk is that you make a profit and the reward is that you made a profit.

Several things need to occur to create a successful fix-n-flip and we are going to address them here.Everyone has an opinion on fix-n-flipping; some claim it’s a great way to create supplemental income; while others claim it is another speculative-type money scheme to lose money.
The truth is, of course, in the middle!The theory is that you find a property that’s undervalued and you buy it, then you rehab or remodel it and finally sell it to someone else.If you do a good job, you make a profit; but if you have no experience or process, you can lose money.
Let's tak…

The Baby Boomer in Retirement!

Now more than ever in history the number of Baby Boomers retiring is astronomical. It is estimated that 10,000 people will retire every day for almost the next two decades. The reality of retiring may not be what we once thought.  Most retirees are faced with the tax consequences of registered savings vehicles, the plans we were told would supplement retirement at lower tax rates.  Others who lost a large part of their investments in the crash of 2008 because we were told equity and mutual fund investing was the way to go. The only benefactors of these so called retirementplans seems to be the government and financial institutions. According to Bloomberg,  32% of Americans 65 to 69 and 19% of those ages 70-74 are still employed.  There can be many factors for this statistic; but financial considerations is probably to most common.  

Add the social and economic factors that we are living longer, our children are having considerably less children and the financial…

What is your Purpose?

With anything in life, you need to have a purpose!  We all want things, achieve things and work for things; this all can be manifested by having a purpose.  Without getting too philosophical, it really means your "why" you do things.  Without purpose, your energy will become negative, negative energy will manifest into many things like loss of self-confidence and the loss of self-confidence will make your feel depressed, anxious or non-productive. 
The first thing we must realize, we all, as individuals, have the right of choice!  You decide when to get up, if you want to get up or if you choose stay in bed.  We can often camouflage our choices into false obligations, like being a parent who has to get up because one has young children, as an example.  In the end, if we simplify things, if you can accept the idea that you have choices and make choices every second of every day; this will be a good stepping stone for our topic.
Then there are those who wake up in the morning, s…

What is Real Estate Investing?

Better Homes and Gardens posted in a rent article that 89 percent of U.S. investors are interested in putting their money into real estate.  There are two ways of doing this and that is the conventional way or the non-conventional way.
Conventional is using financial institutions to finance or leveraging your own money for the purchase of properties for uses other than personal.  It can be to build an investment portfolio or to create passive income.  Passive income means that the income you receive from your investment is generated other than by you.  In other words, holding a rental property will create rental income and after expenses, the net income is your passive income.  You did not personally use your own sweat and tears to generate it  unlike where you work , you are compensated for your time and effort.
The idea of creating passive income is that if you have enough of it, it can supplement your income or provide enough to meet all of your income needs, as in the case of let…

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