Did you lose your job and wondering how to keep your house?
Have you Bought a new home; but have not sold your current one?
Have you been relocated, but can't sell your home and need to carry two mortgages?
Has your home been listed for more than 90-days and no offer is coming soon?
Maybe you want to upgrade, but avoid making that decision because of your existing mortgage?

These are a few of the problems that homeowners face in their lives.  Even a divorce or sickness can cause the same problems for many.  The conventional thinking is to list the home with a realtor, sell it and move on to another home, another city, another lifestyle or another life.  In a Caldwell Banker report in March 2017, it reported that many homeowners get stressed when trying to sell their home.  Mostly the financial burden it causes, but also the feeling of intrusion when people tramp through your home.

Regardless of the your situation, there is another alternative that is becoming more and more popular, called the Lease to Own Option. In a nutshell, your home is leased out to a future buyer who will assume your home and provide your with immediate financial relief.  As qualifying for mortgages is becoming more and more restrictive, home ownership still remains a major financial goal.  There is an increasing number of future homeowners who for whatever reason, can't get a mortgage today.  Perhaps not enough down payment money, poor or bruised credit, or just started a new job.

The Lease to Own Option puts sellers who want and need payment relief with future buyers who want to own a home today.  Most concepts require the buyer, a minimum of three to five percent deposit to qualify.  They also must meet the qualifications for a mortgage in the next one, two or three years.  They become the tenant and pay the mortgage payment, insurance and taxes.  No landlord/tenant relationships or calls at two in the morning.  The tenant is responsible for the maintenance on your home and they will because they are the future homeowner.  Many plans offer a rental credit option that credits part of the lease payment amount towards the down payment when the mortgage is closed at the end of the lease period.

The advantages to the seller is immediate payment relief, no management, maintaining tax incentives, fixed selling price, no realtor commissions and builds additional equity.  For the buyer/tenant they have a fixed price, time to repair credit or build down payment, usually fast move-in dates, low down payments and rent credit options.

A company out of Kansas City called says it has become an intrinsic part of their business.  The demand from sellers and buyers is growing all the time.  This concept has also proven successful not only in the U.S. but Canada as well.

So if you are a homeowner, can;t sell your home and need payment relief, maybe this concept is right for you.  If you are wanting to become a homeowner, but can't right now, for whatever reason, maybe this concept is right for you.  In any case do your homework and if your would like more information, contact and they will send you their report on how to get a contract on your home in five days.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting any company in this blog and you should research for yourself to see if this concept is right for you.  We make no claims or guarantees and this blog is presented for information purposes only.

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