How to Plan!

"Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan." - John L Beckley

What is having a plan?

Everything created starts with a plan.  From the Christianity belief of creation, to the place where you live, to the vacation you are about to take.  A plan is a starting point to the ending point!  It can be spiritual, financial, social, communal or emotional.  It illustrates a pathway to a destination, goal or objective. A plan will provide you with the steps required to move forward.  It will allow you to see any shortcomings, obstacles or uncertainties that may prevent you reaching the ending point with success.

So why have a plan?

Spiritually speaking, once you know who you are and who you want to become, or be the person you know you are inside; well what do you do next?  Whether it is conscious or sub-conscious, you need to be aware of what is needed to become that person you are inside.  What do you do first?  Perhaps its writing down affirmation statements, reading books or seeking advice or guidance or therapy.  You need to decide on the first step; otherwise you will not be able to move forward.  The same holds true for any other plan, financial, social, communal or emotional.  You decide on something, a goal or objective and then you need to know what steps to take to get there.  Like the construction of a building, the goal is the building; but then you need to know the steps to take first.  Logically, you start on the foundation and work your way up, not the other way around.  Yet, some people may think whatever, I'll take it as it comes.  The only drawback is you become reactive instead of proactive.

How to make a plan?

It can be as simple as writing it down.  The key aspects of a plan include: purpose, process, implementation and modifications.  Purpose, why and what do you intend to achieve?  Process, how are you going to get there?  What can prevent you from getting there and when do plan to get there?  Implementation, is putting your process in motion. Finally, modification, just because it is written down and you have a process; there are variables you did not include or circumstances that changed during the implementation or unrealistic expectations.  I want to travel the world in the next year is your plan.  Your implementation is to save so much money throughout the year.  You inquire on the ticket price and its more than you expected.  Your plan did not fail, you did not or could not know all the factors that would prevent you from your ending point.  Price increases, availability or the means of your travels are no longer possible.  Does that mean you can't go, most certainly not; it means you have to make modifications.

Realizing a plan?

There is no greater satisfaction to know your plan came together, successfully.  Life has many variables that can modify your plans; but planning allows you to avoid many of those variables.  Living day by day, week to week or paycheck to paycheck can become depressing.  Figure out what you want to achieve and start planning.  A plan is one step closer to realization!

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